FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ever-Angel.com a registered business in Malaysia ?
    Yes, we are registered in Malaysia.  Our business number is 002157166-P.
  • Does Ever-Angel.com has a physical store ?
    We do not have a physical store.  We are currently operating as an online store to bring you low prices on our products.  
  • Does Ever-Angel.com has a Facebook page ?
    Yes, we do ! Come "like" our page.
  • What are photopolymer clear stamps ?
    Photopolymer clear stamps are made from yellowing resistant photopolymers and are latex free. These polymers are designed and produced for the printing industry and are meant to carry and transfer ink. The stamps from Asia are produced from vinyl or silicone based materials, and aren’t designed for a quality impression. They are made in the USA.  Photopolymer clear stamps can and should last a lifetime. There is no specific life span on photopolymer clear stamps, with proper use and general cleaning and care they should last as long as traditional rubber stamps.
  • Do you sell wooden block rubber stamps ?
    Currently Ever-Angel.com is focusing on the photopolymer clear stamps and also the cling stamps that uses the acrylic clear blocks.
  • What are photopolymer clear stamps used for ?
    Clear stamps are used in card making, scrapbooking and many other paper crafts! 
  • What is Angel Policy ?  Does the photopolymer clear stamps manufacturers have Angel Policy for their stamps ?
    Angel Policy is the limitations that the manufacturers set for the usage of their stamps for sale, distribution and usage.  Each manufacturers will have their own angel policy.  As such, it is best to go to their official websites to check their angel policy for their product.  
  • What does Back-Order mean ?  Why does Ever-Angel.com sets the Back-Order dates ?
    At Ever-Angel.com, we only provide our orders to our USA manufacturers every 15th of the month, except for November which is the 1st.
    15 January               
    15 February          
    15 March
    15 April
    15 May
    15 June
    15 July
    15 August
    15 September
    15 October
    1st November - to avoid the Black Friday and Christmas holiday postal delay
    15 December
  • Minimum order total is RM250.00. If  you do not reach this minimum, you are not able to proceed to checkout.
    We hope to get your orders and full payment by those dates.
    We set the back-order deadline dates in order to provide you with great prices and to save more on shipping cost with our USA manufacturers.  Bulk ordering is always cost saving :)
  • No back order due date for purchases above RM550.00.  We will proceed to order immediately upon receiving the full payment.

    After we have placed our orders with our USA manufacturers, the products will take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive in Malaysia.  Ever-Angel.com always ships out your order on the next business day after we have received your precious orders :)

    Kindly note that 4 - 5 weeks are estimates. US Postal Service doesn't guarantee exact arrival dates. So please be patient!

    Serious buyers only. If you are unable to wait or anticipate postal delays from the US, please do not order.

  • I can't log in to Ever-Angel.com !
    If you have forgotten your password, please retrieve it by clicking "Forgotten Password" with your registered email address.  Kindly take note that the email address field is case sensitive.  If you had registered your email address with CAPS, you still need to type in the address exactly as you have registered it.  If you still have a problem, kindly email to us and we will help you with your login.