Privacy Policy


We understand your concern on the abuse of the dissemination of your information. We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes. Your personal information will be disclosed in accordance with your explicit consent.   

To minimize information dissemination, you are given a choice on how you wish to be contacted when you register as our member. We also allow you to modify your personal information so that you can update your latest personal information.

Our program make used of cookies to make the transaction smoother. Cookie is a small file that contain a string of characters stored in your computer when you visit our web site, it allows our web site to recognize your browser. However, it stores your preferences and information without your notice. You can remove cookie every time after visiting our web site if you do not wish it to stay in your computer. 

Your information will only be disclosed in TWO scenarios:

First, if you are involved in the purchasing and advertising used item, your personal information will be shared with other members in accordance with our Privacy Policy to help in facilitating transaction and to allow other members to contact you.

Second, your limited personal contact information will be disclosed to verified requests by law enforcement and government officials to provide aids in the conduct of criminal investigations.

Lastly, any changes on our privacy policy will be updated on our web site with the date stated.